Different Perspecitve

Axelero Capital Advisors is an independent advisory company in Slovakia active in the field of Corporate and Real Estate investment and Corporate Finance.​

Our team consists of professionals with long-term and extensive experience from leading companies in investment consulting, banking and collective investment in Slovakia.​

During our career, we have had many opportunities to learn and gain a broad range of knowledge to understand all fundamentals of M&A transactions, corporate finance, commercial real estate management, financing advisory, business valuation and of many other areas. ​

On this basis, we have been building our expertise across several sectors, in particular industrial production, real estate, healthcare, energy and utilities or information technologies. Broad experience with a focus on selected sectors allows us to do a better job in analysing the complex situations.​

We believe that this, in combination with the engagements featuring private equity-type deals, investment programs analyses, real property management, or advising the entrepreneurs in various types of decision-making situations gives us the confidence that we do see things differently.

To achieve superior investment results, your insight into value has to be superior. Thus you must learn things others don’t, see things differently or do a better job of analyzing them – ideally all three.
Howard Marks

Oaktree Capital Management