Buy-Side Advisory

we support the brave ones the ones with an ambition to ▶︎ axelerate their business way beyond their current reality

Sell-Side Advisory

we guide the experienced ones – the ones with a desire to ▶︎ capitalize on their investment into the business

Corporate Finance

we help the expanding ones – the ones with a need to
▶︎ advise how to grow and optimize their finances

Different perspective

Axelero Capital Advisors is an independent advisory company in Slovakia active in the field of Corporate and Real Estate investments and Corporate Finance.

Our team consists of experienced professionals with long-term and extensive background from leading companies in investment consulting, banking and collective investment in Slovakia.

We have a broad range of knowledge to cover M&A transactions, corporate finance, financing advisory, business valuation and many others.

Our expertise

Corporate Investments

A long-term career in the M&A advisory business, having advised the clients across the wide variety of sectors, enables us to provide full-scope and business-specific advice in the course of the whole transaction process.

Real Estate Investments

Our competence in the investment processes is enriched by a capability in the real estate business. Building on the experience in the management of the real estate funds, we also provide the insight into the management of commercial properties.​

Corporate Finance

Experience in the investment processes and valuation engagement allow us to assess the value of business, advise on optimal capital structure or provide the support for other financial and strategic management decision-making processes.

Selected References

Axelero provided M&A advisory and financial assistance to Dedoles on the acquisition of Something Different (Europe), a clothing and FMCG wholesaler based in the United Kingdom.​
Axelero provided M&A advisory and financial assistance to Pro Diagnostic Group on the acquisition of ALFAMEDIS, a healthcare provider based in Slovakia.​
Axelero provided strategic and financial advice to ULTIMATE TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED, a shareholder of a Luxembourg-based developer of a flying vehicle...
Axelero provided limited transaction assistance to CS Group on the acquisition of Mediatel, an advertising and media agency based in Slovakia.
Axelero provided M&A advisory and financial assistance to Pro Partners Holding on the acquisition of Gemo Lutsk and MRIplus, the healthcare providers based in Ukraine.

Our team

Miroslav Mulica

managing partner

Miroslav has extensive experience in corporate M&A, corporate finance and valuations. Before founding Axelero Capital Advisors, he spent a decade in Deal Advisory team of KPMG in Slovakia.

Marek Ölveczky

transaction manager

Marek has long-term experience in banking, management of real estate fund and transaction advisory as well. Before joining Axelero Capital Advisors he spent eight years as a manager of Tatra Asset Management Real Estate Fund.

To achieve superior investment results, your insight into value has to be superior. Thus you must learn things others don’t, see things differently or do a better job of analyzing them – ideally all three.
Howard Marks

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